Baptism is the sacrament which begins our life in Christ and the Church. It is the gift of grace by which we are washed of sin, reborn in the Spirit...

For Baptism Classes please call at Fr. Jeff at the office 918-366-3166 or at the Rectory at 918-366-1092 during office hours. The following requirements are followed in St. Clement as is the request of the Diocese of Tulsa.

Infant: We provide baptismal catechesis for the parents who request baptism for their infant (s).

a. One or both parents should be Catholic, active in the practice of faith, i.e., they should have an active relationship with the Church and are attempting to live out its values.
b. Suitable godparents should be chosen following the norms of the Code of Canon Law #874.
c. The parents and godparents have become instructed as to the nature of the Sacrament and their responsibility to the child, and have shown signs that they are willing to accept and fulfill these responsibilities.

Children: We provide baptismal catechesis to meet the needs of children, who have reached the age of reason (7), seeking initiation into the parish community. See Baptism tab under Sacraments for contact information.

a. The child should be free of impediments (parental restraint) and have the intention and desire to be baptized.
b. The child should have an attitude of openness to on-going conversion.
c. There should be an understanding of Church doctrine appropriate to the child's age.
d. The child's idea of membership should include: participation in the worshiping community, participation in service appropriate to the child's age, and openness to continuing catechesis.